It Takes a Village: Sundance Saloon Promotion at 16th & Market

check-cash window 16th & MarketEach month the check-cashing store at 16th & Market in San Francisco offers its window space to a different nonprofit organization. This month (March-April 2015) the Sundance Association is the featured nonprofit to coincide with our 17th anniversary month.

To prepare for this opportunity our resident photographer Troy Dean Wardlow took photos of many of our Sundance Saloon dancers. To show the many faces of Sundance Saloon we posted these photos along with other promo photos from the past in the Market Street window. We’re also displaying a continuously-looped video of the dancing at Sundance Saloon recently produced for us by Robert Cortlandt.

Sundance Saloon thrives because of its support by the community it creates. This project is just one more example of many Sundancers coming together where there is a need, in this case to create an eye-catching window display that shows off the faces of our community.

And new to our blog is a page where we will archive our posters, the most recent being our 17th anniversary poster shown below.

Sundance Saloon 17th Anniversary posterSundance Saloon window display





Sundance Saloon window display


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