Sundance Saloon Holiday Ball 2015

We had another very fun and festive Holiday Ball on December 13 at Sundance Saloon in San Francisco, featuring the many traditions that have come to define this event. This year we were able to capture the indoor snowfall during the Barn Dance on video (see above)! The flurries start at around 1:45.

In addition we collected dozens of toys for Mama’s Toy Drive, ultimately destined for Sunburst Projects, the SFPD, and other locations. Santa made his customary appearance. Everyone got lei’d while dancing to Mele Kalimaka. The dancing cowboy Santa toy wiggled his hips all night long. And we presented the checks to the beneficiaries of the Sundance Stompede which raised $21,892 this year.

Sundance Saloon Holiday BallStompede beneficiary check presentationSundance Saloon Holiday Ball 2015
… and here’s a nice Facebook post from earlier in the month:

Facebook reference - Holiday Ball

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