Welcome To The Sundance Saloon Blog

“White. A blank page of canvas … So many possibilities.”
 – Sunday In The Park With George (Stephen Sondheim/James Lapine).

“Sundance Saloon changed my life.”
– overheard at Sundance Saloon on more than one occasion.

Two-steppers at Sundance SaloonSundance Saloon is known widely as San Francisco’s club for country-western dancing for the LGBT community and its friends. But it is really so much more than just a place for dancing. It’s about a promoting a physically healthy activity that’s spirited, sexy, romantic, transporting, and just plain fun. It’s also about finding a place to fit in, about community, about friendship and love, about personal growth, about letting go, about feeling the magic, and even about life-changing experiences.

This Sundance Saloon blog has been created to celebrate and record the stories of Sundance Saloon: its news and history, community and culture, thoughts about dancing and music, and whatever else lands on these pages.

We have our blank page of canvas. Let’s begin!

Submissions from the community are highly encouraged! E-mail blog@sundancesaloon.org with your ideas and contributions.


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