Sundance Saloon

Two-steppin' & line dancing
every Sunday and Thursday

Two-Stepping at Sundance Saloon

Sundance Saloon

Country-western dancing for the LGBT community and its friends.

SUNDAYS: 5:00–10:30 pm
THURSDAYS: 6:30–10:30 pm
550 Barneveld Ave., San Francisco
$5 admission • 21+ with ID

Dancing at Sundance Saloon

New to Sundance?

We welcome everyone! You'll find a friendly and diverse crowd: men, women, trans, young, old, gay, and straight friends of the LGBT community. Don't know how to dance? No worries: we'll teach you – no partner needed!

Sundance Stompede Exhibition Performance

Sundance Stompede

October 31 – November 3, 2019
Our huge country-western dance extravganza, featuring four nights of dance parties, three days of dance workshops, and hundreds of attendees from all over the country (and beyond).

Sundance Saloon at SF Pride

Sundance Association

The Sundance Association for Country-Western Dancing is the all-volunteer community-supported 501c3 nonprofit organization that runs Sundance Saloon, the Sundance Stompede, and our many other projects.


Oscar Night

Oscar Night
Sunday, February 24 • 5:00 pm
Sundance Saloon: Back Room

Don't want to have to choose between the Academy Awards and dancing? You don't have to! Sundance Saloon presents the Academy Awards on the big screen in the Back Room lounge on Sunday, February 24, beginning at 5:00 pm. We'll have our usual lessons in the Main Room from 5:30 to 7:15, followed by open dancing. Regular Sunday admission $5. Popcorn included.

We'll also have a send-off to Gary Ku and Cesar Sanchez, both moving on to new adventures.

Sundance Photo Shoot

Sundance Annual Photo Shoot
Sunday, March 3
Sundance Saloon: Loft

Have your photo taken at Sundance Saloon for our publicity throughout the year. Resident photographer Troy Dean Wardlow will be shooting photos throughout the night up in the Loft. Please bring your cowboy hat to wear in the photo, or to lend to others to wear!

And, as this is the first Sunday of the month, we'll also have our March birthday dance.

Throwback Thursdays turntable

Throwback Thursday Night
Thursday, March 7
Sundance Saloon

The first Thursday of the month is our Throwback Thursday night. Take a trip down Memory Lane, or expand your appreciation of retro country music, with this tribute to the golden age of country.

For the first hour of open dancing (8:00 to 9:00 pm), we'll play some of the great country dance music from the 80s and 90s. Part of the fun is digging up old videos too!.

Shin Aoki

Intermediate West Coast Swing
Sundays, March 10, 17, 24: 5:30 pm
Sundance Saloon: Loft

Sundance Saloon presents a three-week series of intermediate instruction in west coast swing with Shin Aoki. This series assumes you have taken beginning west coast swing classes and are familiar and comfortable with the basics.

Advance registration is required. The class is limited to 8 leaders and 8 followers. The cost for the entire 3-week series is $20 payable in advance.

Sundance Saloon volunteers

Sundance Core Volunteers Needed

Sundance Saloon is run entirely by volunteers. The managers, front door and coat-check staff, set-up crew, instructors, and DJs all donate their time to create this unique institution. The cumulative effort of dozens of volunteers keeps Sundance Saloon thriving and helps make it such a special place.

We need your help! We are recruiting new volunteers for the front door and coat-check, especially "core" volunteers who can commit to serving one hour a month for the next six months. Of course we're happy to have you even for the occasional service. If you can help us out, contact

Volunteers at the Castro Street Fair

12 Ways To Give To Sundance

The Sundance Association is a 501c3 nonprofit, and we depend on the generosity of the community. There are many ways to support us, and not all of them involve monetary contributions.

• Come on down! Support us just by showing up.
• Introduce someone new to Sundance Saloon.
• Use our coat-check on Sundays.
• Put a dollar or two in one of our tip jars.
• Become a member of the Sundance Association
• See if your company offers matching donations or grants for volunteer time served.
• Remember Sundance in your estate planning.
• If you shop on Amazon, use Amazon Smile instead.
• Like and follow us on Facebook. Share our posts.
• Encourage beverage sales at Sundance Saloon, especially on Thursdays.
Invite a group to Sundance Saloon.


M = Main Ballroom • B = Back Room • L = Loft



3 Instructors (M): Cumba / Michael  
DJ: Ingu  
5:30 Intermediate Two-Step w/ Ron B
5:30 Beginning Two-Step M
6:30 Reggae Cowboy (beg) w/ Randy B
6:30 Cry Pretty (int) - NEW! M
Instructors (M): Ron / Shannon  
  DJ: Dan  
5:00 Line Dance Pro B
5:30 Beginning Two-Step / Shadow M
6:30 Reggae Cowboy (beg) w/ Rex B
6:30 Cry Pretty (int) M
17 Instructors (M): Randy / Michael  
DJ: John  
5:00 Line Dance Pro B
5:30 Beginning Two-Step / Shadow M
6:30 Slap Leather (beg) w/ Vince B
6:30 Play That Sax (int-adv) M
Instructors (M): Thom / Rex  
  DJ: Chiara  
5:00 Academy Awards Live! B
5:30 Beginning Two-Step M
6:30 The Wolf (int) M


Instructors (M): Thom / Michael  
  DJ: Dan  
6:30 Line Dance Pro L
7:00 Beginning Two-Step w/ John B
7:00 Intermediate Two-Step M
7:40 Cry Pretty review M
14 Instructors (M): Charles / Shannon  
DJ: John  
6:30 Line Dance Pro L
7:00 Beginning Two-Step w/ Rob B
7:00 Advanced Two-Step M
7:40 Cry Pretty review M
21 Instructors (M): Ron / Michael  
DJ: Robert  
6:30 Line Dance Pro L
7:00 Beginning Two-Step w/ Crispin B
7:00 Intermediate Waltz M
7:40 Play That Sax review M
28 Instructors (M): Thom / Rex  
DJ: Ingu  
6:30 Line Dance Pro L
7:00 Beginning Two-Step w/ Randy B
7:00 Advanced Waltz M
7:40 The Wolf (int) M


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